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​​Important information on Blue Granite Water
From SC State Senator Wes Climer, this is information regarding the Blue Granite Water Company application that is currently pending before the Public Service Commission. 

The attachments are (1) a letter from Harvey, Bruce, Tommy, and Wes requesting a night hearing in York County, which includes some cursory information on the docket,  (2) a detailed explanation on Blue Granite’s request to establish an Annual Rate Adjustment Mechanism, (3) Blue Granite’s rate increase request, (4) a statewide list of water rates for comparison, and (5) most importantly, the Letter of Protest Form. 
The ARA mechanism is terrible for ratepayers and far-reaching in its effects, so I’d encourage everyone to please include some mention of that in their Letter of Protest, in addition to opposing the proposed rate increase. The rate increase requested = $1.63 per 1,000 gallons, which is a 21.5% increase over current rates. (Existing cost per 1,000 gallons is $7.55. Blue Granite has asked to increase that amount to $9.18.) Additionally, Blue Granite intends to apply for another rate increase later this year. 
1.  Hearing Infomation:   

2.  Rate Information:  https://files.constantcontact.com/c3bccf9d601/ef958d8d-2e5f-40d8-92c5-afc91ee0a74c.pdf

​3.  Increase Request:  https://files.constantcontact.com/c3bccf9d601/ef958d8d-2e5f-40d8-92c5-afc91ee0a74c.pdf

4.  Comparison:  https://files.constantcontact.com/c3bccf9d601/4bdde3d3-6325-463f-ba93-3a3a6d958607.pdf

5.  Letter of protest: https://files.constantcontact.com/c3bccf9d601/8ff07c7c-318f-4cad-99ef-35adacfb3c71.pdf  
 To file a “Letter of Protest,” please:  
(1) Open the attached document;
(2) Input your information and explanation of your protest [NOTE: its Docket No. 2018-358-WS];
(3) Save the document as a PDF; and
(4) Email the completed letter to contact@psc.sc.gov. 
Link to Letter of Protest:  

The Commission is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, June 12th to discuss our request for a night hearing. The Commission is then scheduled to consider Blue Granite’s application on June 18th.  


Clover/Lake Wylie Republican Women

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To reserve your seat, call 803-831-2608 or 803-831-2547.  

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